3 places worth visiting in Cracow during one-day trip

3 places worth visiting in Cracow during one-day trip

Cracow is annually visited by millions of tourists. Most of them decide to stay in the capital of Little Poland Voivodship at least for a few days. Nothing strange about that – there is plenty of things to see in the city. But there are also these people who have to squeeze the sightseeing to just one day. Here comes the idea – it doesn’t have to be just a dinner in the center. Below you can find three places worth visiting during your short one-day trip.

Vistula Boulevards

Vistula is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Cracow, which is why one just cannot miss it in the visiting plans. A short walk along its coast – called the Vistula Boulevards – is one of the best thing to do in order to see the panorama of the city and other amazing attractions like Church on the Rock and Wawel. Apart from that there is also a water tramway to use from May to September which can take you to Tyniec, Salwator or Kazimierz – well-known and beautiful parts of Cracow.

Old Town Market

Just one Old Town Market and yet so many attractions. It’s the shortest way to describe the center of Cracow and the main attraction of the city. A walk among these streets and boulevards let you in short time see the most beautiful and recognizable building in the capital of Little Poland Voivodship. Surely you must see Cloth Hall – the cradle of polish trade market – and St. Mary’s Church. The best way to see those buildings is to plan the trip around noon – then you can hear the Cracow’s Anthem playing live. While seeing the Old Town Market, especially with kids, it is worth to step by into the old PKP main train station. Since late September the place become the Historyland – interactive center of discovering the history of Poles and Poland and it is built with more than a million LEGO® bricks! With the use of this material in the Historyland are presented many of the most important evets of Poland. What can you see? The reconstruction of battle of Grunwald or even battle of Oliwa. After leaving the building you can visit also Adam Mickiewicz Statue which is gathering point of locals since the city can remember.


After visiting the Old Town Market you can also visit the neighbourhoodish district – Kazimierz. This old, jewish part of Cracow has its unique atmosphere to this day. Visiting Kazimierz is also an opportunity to get to know another culture. Among the picturesque streets lurk synagogues that survived both World Wars – the most known being the Old Synagogue and the Remu Synagogue. The latter also has around interesting Remu cemetery. The district is rich with the jewish restaurants where one can not only eat something delicious about also listen to klezmer music.

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