3 reasons that make the Historyland worth visiting

3 reasons that make the Historyland worth visiting

The very first weekend from opening the HistoryLand showed that Poles just love the history of their own country. The interactive center of discovering the history of Poles and Poland in Cracow has been visited so far by thousands of tourists – form the little ones to adult history-geeks. Are you planning to visit the capital of Little Poland Voivodship this fall? Here are the 3 reasons that make the HistoryLand worth checking out on your tour!

Reason 1: The attractions for kids

Many tourists are wondering about what places in Cracow choose to visit. Every map almost obligatory marks the wondres of Old Town – Cloth Hall, St. Mary’s Church, The City Hall Tower or Adam Mickiewicz Statue. Those attractions are mostly interesting for adults, and the whole cityseeing might happen to be boring for kids. A way to make the little one feel the magic of Cracow is visiting the HistoryLand. Here even the most playful children will appreciate the models built of LEGO® bricks, which show the most recognizable buildings and events in history of not only Cracow but the whole Poland. Almost every model has interactive elements and solutions that will wake their imagination and impact all the senses. Additional surprise for the little ones might the playroom, where they can play and build with LEGO® briks.

Reason 2: Top-notch entertainment

Not only walking makes one a tourist. Though the Wawel’s Cathedra and old Casimir are full of charm, then it is worth dropping the cityseeing for a while and focus just on fun and entertainment. Lots of it is guaranteed in the HistoryLand. It’s not another boring musem of history but an interactive center where you can find many brand new technological gadgets. The visitors will surely have fun seeing the top-notch animations and audiovisual shows on 360° screens.

Reason 3: A way to learn the history

A visit in the HistoryLand is not only an entertainment, but also a valuable lesson of history. The interactive center of discovering the history of Poles and Poland is a place where the beautiful models built of LEGO® bricks allow the guests, no matter the age, to learn and remind the most important events from the Polish history. For visitors awaits, among others, the reconstructed version of the settlement in Biskuping, the defence of Westerplatte and a models showing monastery on Jasna Góra.

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