3 reasons that makes Cracow worth visiting in autumn

3 reasons that makes Cracow worth visiting in autumn

Going on a vacation in fall is a growing trend in Poland. During this period the most popular are polish mountains – Giant Mountains and Tatras – but also worth visiting in October and November are cities.  One of them, Cracow, is as beautiful during autumn as it is beautiful in spring or summer. Below there are 3 reasons, that makes the capital of Little Poland Voivodship worth visiting in fall.

Reason 1: Much less tourists

The main reason that repel people from visiting big cities is the tourists. Cracow breaks every record in Poland when it comes to that matter, especially in summer. It makes the city a good place to visit during autumn when there are almost no crowds and one can peacefully enjoy such places like Wawel, St. Mary’s Church, or Florian Gate.

Reason 2: New attraction – the HistoryLand

Autumn is a good opportunity for history lovers too. Since 29th of September in the old PKP main station building the HistoryLand flourish and entertain both newcomers and citizens of Cracow. It is a fantastic place of visiting both for kids and adults. Its main feature is LEGO® models presenting the most important events and buildings from Polish history like battle of Oliwa. The HistoryLand is a must-see in Cracow.

Reason 3: Time of walks

Lower temperatures and the lesser numbers of tourists makes the autumn’s visit in Cracow a perfect opportunity to take the walks on greenish areas in Cracow. Where should you go? Surely to see the strolling area but golden (and reddish) polish autumn one can see and admire also in such places like Park of Stefan Żeromski, The Main Hall Park, Meadows of Nowa Huta, or Józef Mehoffer’s Garden.

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