A walk through Cracow’s Old Town is not only about St. Mary’s Church and Cloth Hall!

A walk through Cracow’s Old Town is not only about St. Mary’s Church and Cloth Hall!

Seeing the very heart of the city for many tourists and people visiting the capital of Little Poland Voivodship is often narrowed down to Cloth Hall and St. Mary’s Church. And though we would never decline the beauty of those old buildings, we can’t help but notice that there are also other great things to see in the Old Town of Cracow. Going on a walk in this neighborhood should include also other places to visit. Which one? Here come our proposals.


Church of St. Wojciech

Many people planning to come to Cracow ask themselves a question: what’s worth seeing there? The most common answer, apart from Wawel, is St. Mary’s Chirch with its beautiful tower. The beauty of the architecture and whole buildings goes without a doubt. But it can be worth a while to visit also just a bit smaller yet equally eye-catching St. Wojciech’s Church. In this place exactly, according to the legends, Saint Wojciech was preaching his sermons. The temple is not only known for its amazing history but also the architecture, especially its barrel vaults.

The HistoryLand

The brand new feature of Cracow. The HistoryLand is an interactive center of discovering the history of Poles and Poland, where the most beautiful models built of LEGO® bricks are presented. They show the important events across the centuries of Poland and places that have a special meaning to the Poles and the country. Among others the models show battle of Grunwald, Cloth Hall of Cracow, the defense of Westerplatte, battle of Oliwa, the settlement in Biskupin and siege of Monte Cassino. All of that featured with interactive animations an audiovisual miscellaneous. Are you planning to visit Cracow with a child? Then the HistoryLand is a must-be on your list!


Adam Mickiewicz Statue

Another place to visit is one of the most recognizable monuments in the capital of Little Poland Voivodship – the Adam Mickiewicz Statue. The memorial of the poet made its way to the Cracow’s history (is often used as a point of gathering, and on 24th of December is decorated with flowers), survived World War I and World War II (though it required reconstruction after the latter). The size of the monument is 10 meters of height and the statue is placed is in front of Cloth Hall.