Have you ever thought about what history is?

In the HistoryLand it is an experience you just have to engage. It is a story from which you will not be able to walk away from. It is also the models built from over a million LEGO® blocks, amazing shows and interactive fun. The HistoryLand is a place you will discover in the heart of Cracow.

There are emotions in history, and in the HistoryLand you will experience them in unique way

In our center you will move to the very heart of the Battle of Grunwald. You will hear the charge of the troops, and only a few minutes later you will be completely somewhere else. You will stand at the helm of the warship at Oliwa and you will feel a sea breeze on your face. Or maybe you look from the bird's eye view to the monastery on Jasna Góra? Do you know these events and places from school textbooks? In the HistoryLand there is more than that - you will feel emotions similar to those that accompanied them! You already know that the past of Poland and Poles is full of amazing moments. That is why we will take you on an interactive journey, where you will discover the history of our country with all your senses. This is an exciting trip through the history of Poland and Poles, from the Biskupin settlement through the heroic defense of Westerplatte to the Cracow’s Main Hall. This will be an unique adventure!

Become a participant, not just observer

In the HistoryLand education, fun and modern technology cross paths. Our LEGO® models come alive. Virtual reality and multidimensional screenings will engage all your senses and will take you right into the middle of historical events. Manual puzzles will awaken your imagination and mobilize the brain. All this will make you an active participant in the journey through the history of Poland and Poles. Open up on an amazing story and take journey with us!


10 steps through the history of Poles and Poland

In the HistoryLand various interactive attractions and 10 models built from LEGO® bricks will accompany you in the journey. Here you will learn about such amazing places and events as village in Biskupin, Gniezno’s Porta Aura, monastery at the Jasna Góra, battle of Oliwa, defence of Westerplatte, battle of Monte Cassino, Gdansk’s Shipyard, Wawel’s cathedra and Cracow’s Cloth Hall!

About the HistoryLand

The HistoryLand is an interactive journey through the history of Poland and Poles. You will start from the Biskupin settlement. You will see the palisade built of LEGO® blocks, you will learn the habits of the people living in it, and you will also discover the world's oldest map of the sky. Then you will stop for a moment at the Gniezno Gate, where you will gain knowledge about the tragedy of St. Adalbert. To give them details, unlike our other models, we built them in a 1: 1 scale. Do you know when these doors were built and who built them? Fortunately, you will not be cracking this for long. The HistoryLand is also waiting for you at Grunwald, where you will stand in line with other soldiers and move to the heart of one of the greatest medieval battles. You will see with your own eyes how the model comes alive, and Polish troops fearlessly charge the enemy. But there will be no time to celebrate the victory over the Teutonic Order because you will be called on the Baltic sea! You will move aboard the St. George ship, where you grab the steering wheel and will become a real sea wolf. You will fight the Swedish fleet near Oliwa and you will see why the "sun went down at noon". Just a moment later you will be back on solid ground. You must prepare for the conquest of Monte Cassino. Maybe you will meet bear Wojtek, who bravely fought alongside Polish artillerymen? You will also find that the sight of the monastery burning at night is as beautiful as it is scary. Take a moment off. It's just the beginning of your journey through the HistoryLand.


Interactions make you memorize not only words and facts, but also the sensations, emotions and feelings that accompany learning. Why? Because you engage all your senses - sight, hearing, smell, touch, and even taste. Thanks to that you learn effectively and at the same time in a pleasant, dynamic way. That's why in the HistoryLand you become part of every event, and interactivity is at your fingertips - in the form of manual play, multimedia animations or electronic gadgets. You will find it by learning the history of the heroic defenders of Westerplatte, as well as steering the crane at Gdansk Shipyard. With interactivity, you'll also move onto battlefields and you will discover historic and famous buildings from different perspectives using the VR goggles. You will feel a breeze of the sea on your face and you will see the monastery on Jasna Góra from the bird's eye view. And these are just a few of the many attractions that await you in the HistoryLand.

Why LEGO® bricks?

In the small village of Billund in Denmark in 1932 a family workshop was established. Its founder, Oleg Kirk, was not expecting to revolutionize the global toy market. Today's LEGO® bricks have inspired the creativity and ingenuity of people around the world. They inspire younger and older, they are even present in art. They connect generations, play and teach, no matter where you are, what you do and what language you speak. We have been inspired by LEGO® bricks to create the HistoryLand - an interactive center of discovering the history of Poles and Poland. We present here the most important events and buildings of the history of our country in the form of unusual models, built on a scale of 1:50 (and in the case of Gniezno’s Gate even 1:1!). It's because of the potential that lies in LEGO® bricks, we decided that they would be the main building material for the HistoryLand.

LEGO® is a trademark of a LEGO® Group company. The HistoryLand is not sponsored, authorized or supported by the LEGO® Group.

For little and bigger ones

In the HistoryLand history connects generations and builds bridges between youngsters and olders. It is here that children and their parents embark on a journey in which they discover together the history of Poles and Poland. Adults will learn many new interesting facts and trivia, and the youngest will be impressed by the extraordinary multimedia presentations and interactive models. With such help, we will explain to children the origins of our culture and we will tell the history about most important and heroic moments in Polish history. But the HistoryLand is also a great place to hang out with friends! Together you play the Cracow’s Anthem, you will face the Wawel’s dragon and you will control the crane at Gdansk Shipyard. All of those will make the HistoryLand journey an amazing event, and learning about the history of our country will tighten the bond, leaving you with wonderful memory that you just have to repeat!

Interactive history of Poles and Poland

City of Kings

One of the most important factors to determine where the HistoryLand should be, was historical value of a location. Could it be then any better place than City of Kings? Here, in the very heart of Cracow, specifically old PKP train station, we will take you on an interactive journey through the history of Poles and Poland.

More than a million bricks

The LEGO® bricks entertain, inspire and create a link between whole generations. They are present in art and make an important part of many various exhibits across the world. We have been inspired to create the models showing historical events of Poles and Poland. In the HistoryLand they are made from more than a million LEGO® bricks!


In the HistoryLand you will learn many historical facts and trivia. For example, you will get to know about the role of bear Wojtek in the battle of Monte Cassino. You also discover the secret behind the uneven heights of two St. Mary’s Towers in Cracow or you will try to figure out with us the mystery hidden in Gniezno’s Porta Aura.

Become an explorer

Find the soul of an explorer within you and venture on an amazing, interactive journey through the history of Poles and Poland. Discover the very beginnings of the Polish country in Biskupin, learn the struggles of the battle of Grunwald, swim on a Baltic Sea, and look at all the buildings that are part of Polish history to this day. All of that from the brand, unparalleled point of view.

Grab the wheel

Feel the sea breeze, fight the unfavorable waves and hear the roar from the Polish cannons. Become a sea wolf and grab the steering wheel of Saint George ship. Imagine yourself as a real captain defending the port of Gdansk. See you on board!

Inspire Cracow

The St. Mary’s Trumpet Call is one of the most important symbols of Cracow as well as the whole Poland. Which is why in the HistoryLand you will have an opportunity to play the melody of Cracow Anthem and taste the feeling of inspiring people in our country. All you need to do is to grab the trumpet and play!

Here, there be dragon

In the HistoryLand you will face the Wawel Dragon! See for yourself how the mighty beast flies among the clouds blowing fire and hear the roar thanks to amazing, animated show. Shall you be the brave knight ready to slain the monster or will you flee the moment you see dragon’s eye?

VR goggles

The HistoryLand gives you also opportunity to enter the world of virtual reality and blend into amazing journey that you are going to feel with all your senses! Take a look on the models built with LEGO® bricks and then put on the VR goggles and move above Jasna Góra to discover how looks the local Monastery from the bird’s view.


Your wish is our technologies command in the HistoryLand! By using mapping the models built from LEGO® bricks react on your orders and adapt to the shows and animations. For example, you will see the week from heroic Westerplatte defense and along with solder you will expierence those moments of bravery. Be the active member of events that happen around you!

360° of experience

360° technology will put you right in the middle of the action. While exploring the battle of Grunwald, the action will not only take place on the models, but also in the surrounding screens that will turn into a battlefield! Thanks to that you will move to the very heart of the fight and you will feel emotionally involved into the victory with the Teutonic Order.

Something cool for everyone

Are you a fan of history, or are you just starting to discover the history of our nation? Then you will appreciate the details and historical trivia in the HistoryLand. Or maybe you're in love with technology? Then you'll be amazed at the extraordinary animations and models of LEGO® bricks. Still young? Surely you will find yourself among modern gadgets that will enrich your education in the HistoryLand. Or maybe you want to spend time with your family? Then believe us – there is no better place!

Models and details

One of the main attractions of HistoryLand are models made of LEGO® bricks. They would not be so real if they were not connected to mock elements. Discover the realities of Grunwald’s field and the waves of ships in the Baltic at the Battle of Oliwa!

Take a journey to HistoryLand

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