Price list

Reduced price group ticket

Discount ticket for a group- for a person in an organized group of preschoolers and school children (persons under 18). Organized groups may consist of 10-20 persons or over 20 persons (plus attendant]

Groups of 10-20 persons

PLN 25 /person
Attendant –admission free *

Groups of more than 20 persons

PLN 24 /person
Attendant –admission free *

*Per each pool of tickets – one free ticket for the attendant (each successive attendant has to get a ticket)

with a guide

What does a visit to the HistoryLand exhibition look like?

  • Conducted tour – visiting time: approx. 1.5 h
  • A guide recounts historical curiosities, tells some information on the exhibition, organizes a group, helps one use interactive attractions and answers to any questions about HistoryLand


An exceptional history lesson.

What does the participation in educational workshops looks like?

  1. Activities are targeted at kids aged 4-11.
  2. Workshop activities last for about 1 h.
  3. Workshops may be combined with a (short or long) visit to the exhibition.
  4. Available are the following elective workshops:
  • Cracow’s Market Square and its monuments
  • Polish national symbols
  • Cracowian artists.
  • Artists of Cracow
  • The times of the King Sigismund the Old and Renaissance in Poland
  • Awaken an artist within
  • LEGO bricks in culture
  • A little LEGO archaeologist
  • Christmas workshops

What is the cost of visiting? And of the workshops?

  • A visit to HistoryLand for a group of 10-20 persons: 21 pLN/person.
  • A visit to HistoryLand for a group of 21-30 persons: 20 PLN/person.
  • A guide for a group under 10 persons: PLN 50
  • A guide for a group of 11-30 persons: PLN 80
Three options for custom designed workshops
  • Workshops without visiting [1 h]: 20 PLN/person
  • Workshops with a short visit [1.5 h]: 38 PLN/person [guide included in the price]
  • Workshops with an extended visit [2.5 h]: 45 PLN/person [guide included in the price


– per each group of 10 persons, a gratuitous guide

-A guide is obligatory for organized groups

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Map of the facilities

Learn about the attractions you may expect on an area of 2500m2 at our centre


Our Atractions

Learn about the attractions you may expect on an area of 2500m2 at our centre


Please fix the visiting day and hour on the phone or via e-mail. Upon making a reservation, you have to specify the number of kids, their age,
name of the reserving establishment, contact phone and e-mail address

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