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Are you a teacher?

Visit the HistoryLand in Cracow and together with your class take an incredible journey through the ages. In our center you shall discover the history and live the adventure that will stay with you for a longe time – as will the knowledge which your students will solidify thanks to the visit.

A great help here will be the models built of more than a million LEGO® bricks, that will interest pupils not only due to the building material but also a fact, that we have enriched it with modern technology, interactive solutions and attractions. While we were constructing the scenarios happening around the models we used the method of intersemiotic translation – valuable for all the schools no matter the age of students.

Thanks to these solutions your pupils during the visiting will see how great of a battle was the clash between Kingdom of Poland and Teutonic Order at Grunwald – the story about this fight you will hear standing in the middle of a 200m2 model. At the model of battle of Oliwa, after your students had been learned how to tie the sailor knots, you will explain why the sun set at the noon during the naval fight. The history of siege on Monte Cassino will consume your pupils when they learn about the bear named Wojtek that fought for the polish troops in Italy. Students will find him hidden on the model presenting the monastery on Monte Cassino – the model itself is filled with various attractions. There is also a story about the Cracow’s Anthem and it gets more interesting when the pupils can play the popular melody on our interactive trumpet. And yet, somehow, all of it is still a tip of the iceberg that awaits you, teachers and students, in the HistoryLand.

In our center we take care also for the most perceptive ones – during the school trip they can widen their knowledge thanks to the available at particular models educational apps.

Your students and pupils will leave the HistoryLand enriched with amazing experience and gained in interactive way knowledge about events and places that took important part in the history of Poles and Poland. Take this journey together and venture toward amazing class in our center!

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Are you a student?

Imagine the history classes completely different that the ones in school – the one during which you will learn about events and places not only by listening about them but also discovering them with your senses, thanks to the gadgets and… LEGO® bricks. This is how it looks like when you are on a school trip in Cracow!

In our center you will become one of the fighting knights during the battle of Grunwald, you will grab the steerwheel of a battleship while fighting the Swedish fleet in the battle of Oliwa, you will face the mighty dragon of Wawel, and even, like a historical private investigator, you will discover the secrets of Cracow’s Cloth Hall. And that’s not all! You will observe how the models build of more than a million LEGO® bricks come to live thanks to the multimedia shows, attractions and mappings. In the HistoryLand await for you whole bunch of interactive gadgets like VR goggles and thanks to them you will see the monastery on Jasna Góra from the bird-eye view. You will see the place where we stopped the mighty Swedish army. Or – maybe – you will try to guess the old mystery behind the medieval Porta Aura of Gniezno?

The HistoryLand is a place where you become a discoverer and take a journey full of amazing adventures through the history of Poles and Poland. This is the trip you shall not forget! Spread the story about our center and its attractions among your colleagues and friends and teachers – then visit us with your whole school!

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The center of attractions

The HistoryLand is a place where pupils and teachers can use many attractions. The wonderful models, that are presenting such events like battle of Tannenberg or the defense of Westerplatte, were built with great attention to detail and in a proportionate manner. For discovering them allow the multimedia educational apps and interactive gadgets. After the journey throughout the ages young historians can rest in big and functional playroom.

A school trip like nothing else

A trip to the HistoryLand is the best alternative for visiting traditional museum. Here, all the historical events and places are presented with LEGO® bricks. It makes quite a show when pupils can see with their own eyes buildings made of more than a million LEGO® bricks. And that’s not all of it – in the HistoryLand they will also use the newest achievements of science and technology.

Learning by interactivity

During the visit in the HistoryLand pupils have the opportunity to learn the facts and trivia about historical events and buildings in a way they don’t know from school. It’s possible thanks to the interactive gadgets like i.e. VR goggles or 360° technology and mapping. They made it easier for the kids and teenagers to gain the knowledge in easy, pleasant way, while using all the senses.