HistoryLand – a brand new place in Cracow for kids

HistoryLand – a brand new place in Cracow for kids

At the end of September in the old PKP main train station the HistoryLand was opened, taking its place among other attractions of Cracow. In that unique place, also called the interactive center of discovering history of Poles and Poland,  one can not only learn about the historical events of the country, but also get involved in the past ages like nowhere else. Thankfully to audiovisual solutions which make the HistoryLand great for children.

What the HistoryLand is?

Is it a historical museum in Cracow? A science center? An entertainment center? Neither and yet all of those places combined make the HistoryLand the way it is today. In that interactive center of discovering history of Poles and Poland children can deepen their knowledge about the post of the country while having lots of fun along. Everything thanks to brilliant models built of LEGO® bricks enriched with innovative technologies.

What can you see in the HistoryLand?

The beautiful buildings made of thousands of LEGO® bricks are, without a doubt, the main strong point of the HistoryLand. The model specialists reconstructed also events – like the famous battle of Grunwald from 1410 AD or the most remembered naval battle of Oliwa against Sweden. Apart from that there were also built such models like the settlement in Biskupin, Cracow’s Cloth Hall, St. Mary’s Church, the defense of Jasna Góra’s Monastery. In summary there are 10 models in the HistoryLand available for visitors.

Additional attractions in the HistoryLand

Not only models will draw attention of the youngest tourists in the HistoryLand. Good time is also guaranteed by the possibility of playing the Cracow’s Anthem, or possibility of being for a moment a captain of naval battleship. After seeing all the things the kids don’t have to be set apart from LEGO® bricks. In the interactive center awaits a fantastic playroom where kids can try their best in building something of their own design. Fans of complete sets will surely check out the shop of salonklockow.pl.

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