The HistoryLand opened!

On Thursday evening, the 28th of September, the first visitors in the HistoryLand could experience all the attractions we have prepared, before the official opening. The special event had been held before the visiting. Gathered guest could watch live-action staging of swordfight between groups of knights. The staging took place, among others, within the area of Main PKP Train Station. After that, out of the sudden, the presenters showed up, Agnieszka Cegielska and Jarosław Kuźniar, leading the further part of the evening. They ran a short interview with heads of the Historyland – Marcin Pietrucha, Krzysztof and Marcin Tobolski. Read more "The HistoryLand opened!"

Sea battle in the middle of town

You are in the center of Cracow. How is it that you suddenly enter the battlefield, where you are surrounded by several thousand horses, then you are about to move onto sea to become captain of the ship, a few minutes later you are in the Market Square in Cracow, but just to play the St. Mary’s Trumpet Call, because any second from now you will be watching the heroic defense of Westerplatte day by day? From September 29th, you will be able to experience all of this in HistoryLand. Read more "Sea battle in the middle of town"

Grunwald in 360°

We all know that date. July 15, 1410 – one of the greatest medieval battles, armies of tens of thousands of people, famous two naked swords, difficult struggles and great victory. In the HistoryLand you will soon be moving to the very heart of this clash. Read more "Grunwald in 360°"