Poland’s history of LEGO® bricks

Mockups, interactive attractions and multimedia

1. The settlement of Biskupin

See a settlement made of LEGO bricks in which each detail (even the angle of roof) reflects the realism of former times. The mockup has been under the patronage of the Museum of Archeology in Biskupin.

2. The Gniezno Doors

Get acquainted with the history of St. Adalbert in 1:1 scale. Feel the magic of the passage of time due to beautiful illuminations

3. The battle of Grunewald

Join other soldiers and go back in time to the heart of one of the crucial medieval battles. Backlight the protagonists and the events by means of interactive tablets. The mockup has been under the patronage of the Museum of the Battle of Grunewald.

4. The naval battle at Oliva

Grip the helm aboard St George ship, fight with the Swedish fleet and learn why ’ there was a sunset at noon’

5 The monastery at Jasna Gora [Clarus Mons]

Celebrate the victory over the Swedish army. Put on the VR google and by means of virtual reality look at the monastery from the air. The mockup has been made of almost 300,000 LEGO bricks!

6 The battle of Monte Cassino

Meet Wojtek the bear who was a brave fighter alongside the Polish artillerymen. Look at a monastery made of LEGO bricks which is first aflame and then reborn due to floodlights

7. The defense of Westerplatte

Enter an interactive cockpit and feel like the commander. Get acquainted with the history of Westerplatte’s defense by means of video mapping and audio materials. Control the motion sensor and start a speaker’s narration

8.The shipyard of Danzig [Gdansk]

See in detail the latest history of Poland in 1:50 scale. Take a look at the LEGO figures and become acquainted with the historical transformations which took place in the shipyard of Danzig [Gdansk]

9. the Wawel Cathedral

Take a look at the Wawel from a new perspective! On the mockup you can discern architectural details from various epochs , made of LEGO bricks. And far above three towers of the shrine, the lovers of Cracowian legends will be given an opportunity of discerning the fire-spitting Wawel Dragon!

10. Market square

The Cloth Hall, the St Mary’s Church, the Town Hall Tower. Learn about the secrets of the famous buildings in Cracow! Observe the transformations in the Cloth Hall thanks to floodlights. Try to guess what important events took place on the Market Square just next to the Town Hall Tower. And at the end –impersonate the bugler and play the most popular Cracowian melody by means of an interactive arcade game.


See the HistoryLand from inside

The Old Railway Station in Cracow has been transformed into a magic land of great stories, made of LEGO bricks. What will you see? What will you learn? Check it!


Other attractions

Coffee shop

Here you will find some rest after a day full of attractions. A cup of coffee and a dessert will certain help you.

Playroom and relax area

A place for kids eager for creative plays with LEGO bricks. A visit to the HistoryLand will inspire you to construct your one’s own buildings

Railway mockup

A new chapter in the Polish history coming soon! This time we will reconstruct trains which used to travel on our railway lines through the decades

LEGO® store

The only store in Cracow with LEGO bricks sold by weight, at attractive prices, with a comprehensive offer of novelties and with unique sets for true LEGO fans

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