Places to visit in Cracow for history lovers

Places to visit in Cracow for history lovers

Cracow is one of the most visited places by tourists in Poland. Only in 2016 the capital of Little Poland Voivodship saw more than 12 million visitors. The impact on the phenomena have organized events, the history of the city and monuments that attracts interest of history lovers. Below we present few points, which the latter guys should mark on their maps.

The Barbican

A perfect proposal for fans of military history. Placed on a Basztowa Street, the Barbican is nothing else than piece of old fortifications. The origins of this gothic building reach 15th century and reign of Jan Olbracht. Its purpose was to defend the city against the raid of Ottoman troops. Barbican has survived to the present day, and has become an arena of various sport activities and events with historical background like knight tournament.

The HistoryLand

Just opened interactive center of discovering the history of Poles and Poland named the HistoryLand is another place that surely fit into the profile of Cracow’s attraction. Especially the little lovers of the past should pay attention to the place (or their parents while planning the trip to Cracow). Why is it worth checking out? There are models built with LEGO® bricks showing the most important and relevant pieces of Polish history – both events and buildings. One will find here the model of battle of Grunwald, siege of Jasna Góra or conquer of Monte Cassino. The whole place is filled with interactive, thoroughly designed additions.

Old Synagogue

Walking through the streets of Kazimierz, the old Jewish district, it is worth to look closer at Old Synagogue located by Szeroka Street. Before the ignition of World War II it was the center of religious and cultural life of Jewish society. The place made its way into the polish history mostly thankfully to the speech of Tadeusz Kościuszko. Nowadays one can admire the Old Synagogue not only from outside but also from the inside. The exposure contains, among other things, of Chanukah lights of great value.  

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