Visiting Cracow with a child – what is worth seeing?

Visiting Cracow with a child – what is worth seeing?

Cracow has always been in the spotlights when it comes to tourists’ interests. To the capital of Little Poland Voivodship are coming not only adults but also the youngest cityseeing lovers. And no wonder – the city has much to offer! Apart from fantastic parks and playgrounds on the map of Cracow there are also other attractions for kids.

Interactive center of discovering the history of Poles and Poland

What’s worth seeing in Cracow? No doubt the Old Market where, in the building of old PKP main train station, the HistoryLand was created. Is the interactive center of discovering the history of Poles and Poland an another museum? No. In the HistoryLand interactivity and modernity hold their crown tight. Beautiful models built of LEGO® bricks represent the specific events and buildings from history of Poles and Poland like battle of Grunwald and the defense of Jasna Góra. All the models are full of interactive features, and the children can even play the Cracow’s anthem known in all the Poland. Also in the HistoryLand there is a playroom!


Seeing Cracow always equals visiting Wawel. Why the youngest would like it? Because of the legends! Even the primary school kids know the tale about Wawel’s Dragon and Twiney The Little Shoemaker. Seeing this historical place and exploring its origins along with getting to know all the facts and mysteries surely has educational background. But visiting the Dragon’s Den or Royal Gardens will surely be lot of fun for the little ones!


Visiting Cracow with a child means also the walks. And no journey among the city streets will be complete without the mounds. It is not only the chance to drag the little one off the computer or smartphone but also a way to make him learn the history of the city. Currently the visitors can see the five mounds: John Paul II, Kościuszko’s Mound, The Crac’s Mound, Mound of Piłsudski (the biggest one) and the Wanda Mound.

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