Wawel and the royal séance

Wawel and the royal séance

Old, aged and full of history buildings often draw the attention of ghost hunters and scientists interested in paranormal phenomena. Did you know though that already in 16th century in The Royal Castle at Wawel a séances were held?

Whether love can beaten death was the point of interest one of the polish kings who lived in the Royal Castle at Wawel – specifically the person was Zygmunt August. According to the legend, the king after death of his wife, Barbara Radziwiłłówna was her name, wanted to see her one more time so badly that he invited all the magicians and wizards from every corner of kingdom. The only possibility was to summon the ghost of the wife, and among all the magicians and spiritual experts only one was capable to do that – a dark sorcerer going by the name Jan Twardowski. Supposedly it was the same person, who Józef Ignacy Kraszewaski (polish writer and poet) and Leopold Staff (another polish writer and poet) used as a base for their stories about Master Twardowski also known as “polish Faust”.

On the day of séance the sorcerer instructed king Zygmunt August to sit in a chair in one of the chambers in The Royal Palace and patiently wait for the meeting with his dead beloved. There was just one condition – once he sees her, he cannot talk with her at any circumstances. Breaking the rules could put the king in great danger. But when the ghost of Barbara Radziwiłłówna reveled itself to the Zygmunt, he was so happy that he couldn’t resist the need of hugging his love. In the last moment sorcerer Twardowski stopped him and the ghost disappeared into thin air just one second later.

Was it a magic trick? Or maybe the phantom really showed itself to the king of Poland? This we will probably never know. But surely you will discover many secrets of Wawel’s Cathedra and kings of Poland in the HistoryLand where interactive models built of LEGO® bricks awaits you! Plan the visit even today!

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