10 mockups

to show historical events, made of a million of LEGO bricks

Come and see great battles that changed Poland’s history, and take a look at impressive monuments made in 1:50 scale


The Battle of Grunwald

Move to the very heart of one of the most crucial medieval battles.

Join other soldiers, light up the greatest characters of that event by making use of interactive tablets.


The sea battle of Oliva

One of few naval confrontations with participation of Poles

Get aboard ‘St George’ ship, take the rudder, fight with the Swedish fleet and learn why ‘the sunset was at noon’.


Defense of Westerplatte

Get to an interactive cockpit.

Feel like a commander. Become acquainted with the history of Westerplatte’s defense day by day by means of video-mapping, audio materials and video.


Take a dip in the past

Video mapping presentations will follow the commands and animate LEGO mockups

An interactive arcade game will help play St. Mary’s trumpet call

Google VR will get you into the air space over the monastery of Jasna Góra

Sound effects, illuminations and animations will have you placed eyeball to eyeball with the Wawel dragon

Interactive elements will help you control the events of Westerplatte from the fields of Grunwald and the naval battle of Oliwa.

Audio guide (a part)

The settlement of Biskupin

Let yourself get carried away by history. Our audio guide with a built-in location system will get you through all places and attractions worth seeing


Cracow for kids

Birthday in HistoryLand

Organize an exceptional birthday feast for your kid. Animations, workshops and games with Lego® bricks for kids of any age.


For schools

Crucial events from the Polish history recounted by experts and reconstructed by LEGO® lovers.



News and upcoming events


Discover the HistoryLand with a guide!

Our center has many secrets. Have you revealed them all? Well, now you can hunt all the historical trivia and […]

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New opening hours of the HistoryLand

Important news for every and each LEGO® and history lover who are planning to visit us in the nearest future. […]

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Changes in regulations of the Historyland

Accordingly to Regulations of Visiting the HistoryLand, article XII, paragraph 3: “In the case of a need to amend these […]

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We invite you to a unique open mock-up of a town, made of LEGO® City and LEGO® Friends blocks.

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