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Unique journey through the history

Find yourself in the very heart of events and learn the history of our country in a way you have never known before! In the HistoryLand due to models built from LEGO® bricks and innovative, interactive solutions you will be the part of experiencing history that will blow all your senses!

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Old Main PKP Train Station

Jan Nowak-Jeziorański Square 3,
Cracow, Poland

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Learn, play and discover

Learn, play and discover

One-of-a-kind journey awaits you! In the HistoryLand you will find out how to learn history by having fun with more than million LEGO® bricks surrounding you!

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Interactive journey for everyone

Interactive journey for everyone

The HistoryLand is a unique connection of affecting senses technological solutions, passion to models and mock-ups, LEGO® bricks and history.

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Exciting history

Over 1 million bricks

Have you seen our unusual models? Check how the most important buildings and historical events built from LEGO® bricks look. View the video and then come see them in HistoryLand!


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Ready for journey?

Take part in the interactive journey through the history of Poles and Poland! See for yourself models built from LEGO® bricks and feel the events with all your senses! How to start? It’s really easy – all you need to do is buying the tickets, and the gates of the HistoryLand will be opened!

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History is a field that gives the teachers enough space to prove themselves. A journey through the ages – from the ancient ones through dark medieval era and colorful baroque to the newest events – it is a great opportunity to organize fantastic and emotional classes. Although, they don’t always have to take the classical form. Here comes a few ideas that might encourage students to deepen their knowledge about past and fill the loops in historical education at any stage. Read more "How to make your students learn history?"

3 places worth visiting in Cracow during one-day trip

Cracow is annually visited by millions of tourists. Most of them decide to stay in the capital of Little Poland Voivodship at least for a few days. Nothing strange about that – there is plenty of things to see in the city. But there are also these people who have to squeeze the sightseeing to just one day. Here comes the idea – it doesn’t have to be just a dinner in the center. Below you can find three places worth visiting during your short one-day trip. Read more "3 places worth visiting in Cracow during one-day trip"

HistoryLand – a brand new place in Cracow for kids

At the end of September in the old PKP main train station the HistoryLand was opened, taking its place among other attractions of Cracow. In that unique place, also called the interactive center of discovering history of Poles and Poland,  one can not only learn about the historical events of the country, but also get involved in the past ages like nowhere else. Thankfully to audiovisual solutions which make the HistoryLand great for children. Read more "HistoryLand – a brand new place in Cracow for kids"

3 reasons that makes Cracow worth visiting in autumn

Going on a vacation in fall is a growing trend in Poland. During this period the most popular are polish mountains – Giant Mountains and Tatras – but also worth visiting in October and November are cities.  One of them, Cracow, is as beautiful during autumn as it is beautiful in spring or summer. Below there are 3 reasons, that makes the capital of Little Poland Voivodship worth visiting in fall. Read more "3 reasons that makes Cracow worth visiting in autumn"

5 interesting places in Cracow

The list of Cracow’s tourists attractions does not end on Wawel, the Cloth Hall or the St. Mary’s Church. Among the many mysterious corners of the city there are places that should also be put on the “to see” list. But they are not just places for sightseers, fans of long walks, good fun and learning new stuff also will find something for themselves. Read more "5 interesting places in Cracow"