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Unique journey through the history

Find yourself in the very heart of events and learn the history of our country in a way you have never known before! In the HistoryLand due to models built from LEGO® bricks and innovative, interactive solutions you will be the part of experiencing history that will blow all your senses!

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Old Main PKP Train Station

Jan Nowak-Jeziorański Square 3,
Cracow, Poland

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Learn, play and discover

One-of-a-kind journey awaits you! In the HistoryLand you will find out how to learn history by having fun with more than million LEGO® bricks surrounding you!

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Interactive journey for everyone

The HistoryLand is a unique connection of affecting senses technological solutions, passion to models and mock-ups, LEGO® bricks and history.

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Discover history built from LEGO® bricks

Great battles, impressive buildings, events that have changed the course of history. And you in the very heart of all of it! Get your ticket to the HistoryLand today and travel with us on an incredible journey through history.

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Interactive center


Ready for journey?

Take part in the interactive journey through the history of Poles and Poland! See for yourself models built from LEGO® bricks and feel the events with all your senses! How to start? It’s really easy – all you need to do is buying the tickets, and the gates of the HistoryLand will be opened!

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