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Current events and topics:

08.02. (2:00-3:00 pm) VALENTINE’S DAY WITH LEGO® BLOCKS. We make LEGO®-picture frames (4-11 years)

22.02. (2:00-3:00 pm) FRAMES WITH LEGO® BLOCKS. We make LEGO®-jewelry (4-11 years)



current terms and topics

Three options avaialble:

1. workshops without visiting [1h] -20 PLN/person

2. workshop + visiting –short version [1.5 h] 38 PLN/person [a guide included]

3. workshop + visiting –long version [2.5 h] 45 PLN/person [a guide included]

More about participation in the workshops

  • Activities are targeted at kids aged 4-11
  • Time: approx. 1 h
  • It is possible to combine workshops with visiting the exhibition (short or long visits).
  • The workshops combine educational items, fine arts games and physical activities.

Subjects to choose from

Cracow’s Market Square and its monuments [5-10 years]

Where does the name Cloth Hall [Sukiennice] come from? Why are not the St Mary’s Church towers identical? What does ‘see you at Adas’ mean for Cracowians? Answers to those and other questions, discussion on secrets of Cracowian Market Square and legends are combined with much fun. We will build in time towers of LEGO bricks, assemble a puzzle to illustrate the buildings under discussion and design an instrument to play the bugle call

Polish national symbols [5-10 years]

At our workshops, every little Polish boy and girl become acquainted with the three important national symbols viz. the flag, the anthem and the emblem. Those items are more precious than most valuable treasures. Why so important? All will be supplemented with LEGO structures and making the flag of Poland from fine art materials

Artists of Cracow [7-11 years]

Cracow is not only a city of kings –rulers. This is also a unique center of art and culture that is difficult to overestimate. Such personages like Jan Matejko, Stanisław Wyspiański, Józef Mehoffer...and many other inspiring artists will become known to us while discussing their works and life. We will also assemble a puzzle of renowned works of art and impersonate artists designing architectural items of LEGO bricks as well as our own pictures or sculptures.

The epoch of the King Sigismund the Old and Renaissance in Poland [7-11 years]

Attic, mask, vault. What do those words mean? Why is the epoch of renaissance so important for Cracow and its inhabitants? Why is Sigismund the Old referred to as a king-manager? What else did Queen Bona Sforza bring to Poland apart from the so-called Italian fashion? Conversations on the Renaissance will be combined with building an attic of LEGO as well as designing a Renaissance fountain.

Awaken an artist within [4-10 years]

Each of us is has an artist inside of him or her, just discover it! The activities are focused upon art games and handicrafts. We will create an abstract composition –collage by making use of LEGO bricks and various materials. Let yourself be carried away by your imagination!

LEGO bricks in culture [7-11 years]

LEGO bricks are known worldwide, and not only kids love this kind of toy. During the activities,we will not only become acquainted with fundamental functions of LEGO, but also with unusual ways of their utilization in culture. An inspiration will be also the HistoryLand exhibition together with many others. The kids’ tasks will be to create their own vision of using those popular bricks.

Small LEGO –archaeologist [5-10 years]

Activities targeted at true fans of LEGO bricks games! At the activities we will make some treasures of LEGO bricks, and then hide them under plastic sand. Will it be a box with gold? Precious gems? Or perhaps ruins of an ancient building? Here, only meticulous history explorers will make it.

Christmas workshops [4-11 years].

Christmas traditions mean a great time! During the activities we will make a Christmas tree of LEGO bricks, and then, some decorations of porcelain mass and art stuff. In the end, there will be made a Christmas card. Both Christmas tree decorations and cards may be taken home and give as a gift to a person we love.

Custom designed workshops are held at customer’s request, for organized groups [at least 10 persons].

Prior reservation required. More information available by contacting the customer support office