Games room

We invite you to a unique open mock-up of a town, made of LEGO® City and LEGO® Friends blocks

Our playground is an exceptional town, made in full of  LEGO®  blocks. Your child may impersonate one of a few dozen or so characters and become, for example, a singer, fireman, frogman or policeman. Here the fun will never end.! Another attraction is a train running through the very center of the town.

Price list:

  • 12 zł/ 30 minutes
  • 18 zł/ 60 minutes
  • A 20% discount  for the Games Room if you buy a ticket for Historyland

What should happen if  LEGO®  figures should set up their own settlement? This way the town of dreams  has been formed  – with alleys, cars and hundreds of tiny fugures. Gas stations, small shops, restaurants, a hospital, coffee shops, a police station, a fire  station and a homestead – what’s still needed? All within a  small hand’s reach  -which invites one to have much fun.

Not enough? Next to the town we have built a big mobile roller coaster with a continuous frantic travel of figures on a structure made entirely from LEGO® blocks. This is a world in which there is no time  for boredom –in the amusement park kids may as well rotate a giant Ferris wheel.

It’s time  for the coast. Beyond the agglomeration you can admire a  stretch of a beautiful, sandy beach and a sea. The bay teems with life. A female singer is giving a concert on a promenade , holiday makers are sunbathing, surfing or diving amidst  color fish. The waves  make way for hurtling boats and yachts, whereas on the seashore some figures are setting up a camp.


This world has no limits!

Apart the town, kids are offered a station with LEGO® blocks where they may make their own structures and enlarge our mock-up.


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