We all know that date. July 15, 1410 – one of the greatest medieval battles, armies of tens of thousands of people, famous two naked swords, difficult struggles and great victory. In the HistoryLand you will soon be moving to the very heart of this clash.

Almost 200 square meters – exactly that surface will be occupied by the largest model in the HistoryLand, which represents the Battle of Grunwald. And what’s on it? Tens of thousands of horses and LEGO® minifigures in special battle costumes representing both sides of this great clash and set up exactly as the Teutonic Order’s forces and the combined Polish-Lithuanian troops just before the start of the fighting. It’s not everything yet! We have also prepared for you an extraordinary audiovisual performance based on the historical facts that we will display on screens placed around the model. Thanks to that, you will feel like you are about to dive into battle yourself!

Do not let this extraordinary adventure pass you by! Buy a ticket today and plan a visit to the HistoryLand. All ticket information and pre-purchase rules will be available here.