Old Pkp Main Train Station is live again, and it already surprised our first guests with an interactive models, structures and historical events built of a LEGO® bricks on scale 1:50!

On Thursday evening, the 28th of September, the first visitors in the HistoryLand could experience all the attractions we have prepared, before the official opening. The special event had been held before the visiting. Gathered guest could watch live-action staging of swordfight between groups of knights. The staging took place, among others, within the area of Main PKP Train Station. After that, out of the sudden, the presenters showed up, Agnieszka Cegielska and Jarosław Kuźniar, leading the further part of the evening. They ran a short interview with heads of the Historyland – Marcin Pietrucha, Krzysztof and Marcin Tobolski. The musical side of the evening was great, thankfully to Pati Cze, the participant of popular talent show, singing along with a rapper from Poznań – Rafi. Musicians performed together songs of Marek Grechuta like “Kraków”, “Gdziekolwiek” and “Ojczyzna”. Since that moment, the exploring of HistoryLand could have started for the very first guests.

The attractions located on a 2500 square meter area was, among others, pre-slavic settlement in Biskupin and Porta Aura in Gniezno, which secrets could have been revelead thanks to the mapping technology.

Later the guests was shown one of the biggest – literally – attraction of the HistoryLand, the battle of Grunwald, which the model of is built on area of 200 square meters. Going throught the very heart of this clash, guest watched dozens of thousands LEGO® horses and minifigures representing the Polish-Lithuanian and Teutonic forces. Suddenly the models came alive thanks to the special animations and audiovisual show on 360 degree screens.

Each and every guest could for a moment take part in the clash of polish and swedish galeons during the battle of Oliwa. They could grab a steering wheel and with a one swift move change the weather on the sea. The HistoryLand is located in Kraków, so there had to be some local features – therefore one can find in the HistoryLand models of Wawel’s Cathedra, Cloth Hall, Main Hall Tower and St. Mary’s Church. The surprises awaits by each one of those models, for example interactive trumpet that is to be used to perform the Cracow’s Anthem.

Those and many more attractions can be now discovered in the HistoryLand by young and older guests. Tickets in regular prices can be bought through the tickets site or at the place in old building of Main PKP Staton in Kraków.


Feel welcomed to see the pictures from the evening!